Hundred Islands: Marcos Island | Things to do in Alaminos City-Pangasinan

Marcos Island in Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos, Pangasinan | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Marcos Island in Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos, Pangasinan | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Marcos Island in Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos, Pangasinan | Photo by Jay Ermitaño
Named after another former Philippine president, Marcos island is home to comfortable accommodations (PHP5,000, good for 8 pax) and a welcoming stretch of beach that just begs for you to relax on it. A short trek will bring you to cliffs where you can literally take the 12 foot plunge. Don’t worry, the lagoon below, which is teeming with fish and other awesome aquatic creatures, averages around 12-feet deep depending on the tide, and opens out into the open water, where a quick swim will lead you back to the beach.
Open: Everyday, 6am-6pm. Open on holidays.
Address: Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Fee: Entrance fee: P40/head (day trip) P80 (night trip)
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Nearby attractions

Hundred Islands: Quezon Island
0.62 km away

Sailing up to Quezon Island is enough to bring a smile on anyone’s face. A statue of former Philippine president Manuel Quezon welcomes all its visitors, while accommodations for rent sit comfortably on one of the island’s little perches. A mini zip line spans from one end of the island to another, while a two-floor restaurant caters to your every need and whim as you stretch out and relax on its pristine white sandbar.

Hundred Islands: Virgin Island
1.89 km away

This island, which is connected to the larger Governors Island by 120-meter pontoon bridge and a 546-meter zipline, was named thus because it was previously untouchable, owing to a now long-gone colony of sea snakes that used to reside there. Now it's the perfect location to stretch out on the beach, have a picnic, or spend an idyllic night at it's guest house (PHP5,000, good for 8 pax). The reef surrounding it is currently being rehabilitated, but visitors can look forward to a special surprise: Inside a cave lies a gorgeous statue of a mermaid named Cyril, commissioned by the town's current Mayor, Arthur Celeste.

Hundred Islands: Governor's Island
2.08 km away

A couple of fun facts: This island is also known as Primicias Island, duly named after a former Governor, and is home to what the locals fondly call the PBB house, so named for the 2-room guest house for rent that local stars stayed at during one of the show’s previous seasons. For those interested in sleeping over on this little piece of paradise, the PBB house can accommodate 8 people for only PHP5,000 per night, but there are also 11 gazebos for rent throughout the island for only PHP600 per day. Adventure seekers can make the 380-step climb up to the 546-meter zipline that connects it to Virgin Island, or cross the 120-meter pontoon bridge. There’s also a viewing deck which provides spectacular views of the Hundred Islands National Park, along with a breathtaking statue of Joseph the Carpenter by the sculptor Cyril.

Things to do nearby

Hundred Islands ALL-IN Tour Package
Island hopping
2.67 km away

  • Get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila and visit the world-renowned Hundred Islands!
  • Learn about The Hundred Islands as one of the country's natural wonders and is believed to be roughly 2 million years old
  • Go on a thrilling island hopping to Governor's Island, Virgin Island, Quezon Island, Imelda Cave, Cuenco Cave, and Lucap Wharf
  • Sit back and relax as you enjoy an all-inclusive package with roundtrip transfers to and from Manila

Motor boat ride to Cabalitian Island
Boat charter
13.65 km away

Motor boat ride to the island for 15-20 minutes good for 5 to 6 persons

Where to stay

Dona Josefa Aquino Beach Resorts

Unwind and get close to nature at this resort hotel in Alaminos. This place invites you to take a breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still offering you the basic amenities you need. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure, in a new town or a quiet respite from your busy schedule, this relaxing getaway has you covered. 

Nautilus Islands' View Lodge
Hotels and homes
6.32 km away

Strategically located at National Road, Barangay Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasina, this tourist inn is a great choice for all types of travelers seeking comfortable accommodations. It has clean interiors, quality facilities, and amenities that guarantee a memorable stay.

V. Hauschild Transient House
Hotels and homes
6.33 km away

Immerse yourself in the real local experience when you book at this homestay located in Alaminos. The place is simple and equipped with the basic comforts you need. Staying at this transient home will give you a glimpse to everyday Pangalatok life.

Getting there and around

Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan

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