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This small monument, located across the street from the Immaculate Conception Parish and along the town square, was erected during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines in 1898. The original grave site for the 13 martyrs is located in Sitio San Simon, the original location for the town of Bani, but the cross itself stands 6-feet tall and 3-feet wide, and is made from the wood of a column from the former church.

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Nearby attractions

Immaculate Conception Parish in Bani
Attraction   0.00 km away

The original town of Bani used to lie in the Sitio of San Simon. The myth goes that the statue of the Immaculate Conception that the Spaniards brought to the town disappeared one day, only to be found later on top of a particular Bani tree. The townspeople returned the statue only to have it reappear on the tree again, so they decided to build a church there, which now stands as the Immaculate Conception Parish. Eventually the rest of the town relocated, and the original Bani tree still lie in the church’s courtyard.

Busay Olanen
Attraction   4.43 km away

This newly introduced tourist attraction is one of Bani’s most adventurous—not to mention most romantic. Also known as burubur ni ayat (burubur is Ilokano for bukal, or spring) or the Spring of Love, Busai Falls is a popular date place for local and visiting lovers alike—the barangay chief will even joke that it seems to be effective, if you judge it based the small sitio’s rather large number of children. The half-hour trek leads you through the woods to the 40-foot falls where you can swim at the bottom pool or continue the trail to the top—and rappel down to the bottom for added thrill! The falls are fed by a fresh mountain spring so it’s stunning anytime of the year.

JL Organic Mushroom Farm
Attraction   4.43 km away

Sometimes the most inspiring stories are found in the unlikeliest of places, and JL’s Organic Mushroom Farm is a testament to this. Despite being scammed twice over the last few years, the owners have persevered and stay hopeful despite currently staggered production. The organic farm is capable of producing up to 100 kilograms of white and grey oyster mushrooms per day, yielding delectable crops that are as yummy as they are versatile. Just think: tempura mushrooms, mushroom tinola, and pickled mushrooms. Yum!

Where to stay

Hide A-way Sea Beach Resort
Hotels and homes   2.18 km away

What started out as a way to accommodate visiting friends turned into an entire lifestyle change for Glory and George Wilson in 2000. Years later, they've turned their 3-hectare beachside property into a sprawling resort in Sitio Surip, known as a lookout point and was so named for the large rock (resembling an Easter Island head) on one of its cliffs (surip also means silip, which means to sneak a peek at). Visitors can opt to hang out for the day or pitch their own tent on the beach for PHP150, or rent out one of their rooms or suites for the night. Visitors may come for the proximity to pilgrimage sites and underwater caves that you can scuba dive to, but they stay for the freshly-caught seafood platter, the restaurant's specialty and the incredible hospitality.

Jotikashe Beach House
Hotels and homes   9.58 km away

Surrounded by fields and opening out to the beach, this property has room enough for big groups and families. It has spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, and the high ceilings and huge windows make the space bright and breezy.

Nacion Lodge
Hotels and homes   10.14 km away

A cozy house located on a quiet street a five-minute walk away from the municipal hall, this homestay has quaint, sunny rooms, a kitchen that's free for use, and even a bicycle that guests can use to get around town.

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