Calomboyan Viewpoint in Agno | Things to do in Agno-Pangasinan

Colomboyan Viewpoint in Agno, Pangasinan, Philippines | Photo by Nelo Manzo
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If there's any view that will make you fall in love with Agno, it's the one you'll see from this viewpoint, which is really just a random stop on a winding road in Calomboyan. In the sunshine, you'll be treated to more greens and blues than your eyes can handle, with the lush treetops in perfect contrast to the gossamer sheen of the Balincaguing River. With such incredible beauty before you, you'll be compelled to take a million snaps, but before you commence your mini-photo shoot, take a moment to breathe and take the view in sans tech. It'll be good for your lungs, as well as your soul.
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Calomboyan, Agno, Pangasinan
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Umbrella Rocks in Agno
1.13 km away

If you want to see mother nature's handiwork at its finest, this is where you should go. As the name suggests, these rocks have been carved out by the sea to their present umbrella-esque shape. These peculiarly-shaped rock formations that line the shore of Agno's Sabangan beach are beautiful at any time of the day, but the sight of them at sunrise is especially striking; so drag yourself out of bed if you have to. Nearby, there is also a lighthouse that offers you a birds-eye view of the beach, as well as a glimpse of the Umbrella rocks from above.

St. Catherine of Alexandra Parish in Agno
2.85 km away

The air is instantly cooler inside this centuries-old church, not because of air-conditioning, obviously, but because of its incredibly thick stone walls that confirm its age. Religious tourists will undoubtedly be compelled to reverence once inside the ancient church with its high ceilings and quiet elegance. But eve the non-religious will find interest in the structure's architectural features. Those who would like to see more of the church should go outside its main halls. Outside, the original structure, though covered in vines, still stands to reveal just how big the parish was when it was originally built.

Abagatanen Beach in Agno
3.06 km away

This beach is an open secret you'll be tempted to keep to yourself, with its powdery white sand and waters as transparent as a spit-shined sheet of glass. The waves here are calm and friendly too, and the waters are shallow so that you could wade out quite far and still only be in waist-deep. Part of the beach's charm is that it's still undeveloped, though visitors should keep this in mind when they plan a visit. Without any establishments and only a few huts on the shore, food and beach blankets are essentials for the packing list. Even as a private beach, entrance to Abagatanen is free, though getting there takes a rather bumpy drive from the town proper, with roads still under construction. The views are scenic though, and the beach definitely worth it.

Where to stay

Jotikashe Beach House
Hotels and homes
0.28 km away

Surrounded by fields and opening out to the beach, this property has room enough for big groups and families. It has spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, and the high ceilings and huge windows make the space bright and breezy.

Kubo by the beach
Hotels and homes
1.74 km away

Located right on the beach and surrounded by a sandy garden, this native-style bamboo house is basic, simple, and perfect for anyone who wants to get close to nature. The clean bathrooms and toilets with a modern, working flush are a nice and surprising touch.

Plumeria Resort
Hotels and homes
1.74 km away

As far as space goes, Plumeria has a lot of it, not only when it comes to its main houses, but also for the property itself. The property opens out to the beach and also has a fish pond, a small herb garden, and trees everywhere. Ideal for team building activities and group outings, Plumeria's accommodations have clean bathrooms, comfortable beds, and lots of common areas, including small huts near the beach, and a roof deck with a scenic view of the nearby mountains.

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Calomboyan, Agno, Pangasinan

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