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Our Lady of Lourdes Parish | Photo by Nelo Manzo Our Lady of Lourdes Parish | Photo by Nelo Manzo Our Lady of Lourdes Parish | Photo by Nelo Manzo
Founded in 1714, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, also known as Salasa Church, is the oldest church in Bugallon. Located at Barangay Salasa, the old town of Bugallon, Salasa Church can be easily seen due to its old design and infrastructure dating back to the Spanish Era. As it is one of the aged landmarks in the area, many visitors and tourists flock the church to see its surroundings, untouched. Beside the famed church is a grotto for a place of worship and events, along with well-crafted sculptures depicting the Stations of the Cross.
Open: 6:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Sunday
Address: Salasa, Bugallon, Pangasinan
Fee: Open to the public
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Nearby attractions

Vering's House of Bocayo
3.69 km away

Since 1963, Vering’s House of Pastillas and Bocayo is one of the major pillars of bocayo industry in Lingayen. Vering’s House produce milk-based and coconut-based sweet treats that have been staple to many international events and forums throughout the decades. Vering’s products are unique from other brands in that the owner Virginia Ferrer uses a secret recipe, together with peanuts and linga toppings. Today, Vering’s House of Pastillas and Bocayo is one of the only three households left that survived the boom and bust of bacayo factories in Lingayen in the 1990’s. 

Bengson-Yuson Ancestral House
3.69 km away

Donated to the Pangasinan Government by the descendants of Antonio Bengson and Soterana Yuson, this ancestral house is Lingayen’s oldest standing residential house that was easily converted into a heritage museum. The house depicts the Spanish architecture of a typical 18th century Filipino home. It showcases classic furniture pieces, kitchen utensils, and other home paraphernalia used during the Spanish regime. The museum also displays various Filipiniana dresses, family portraits of the Bengson-Yuson families, and grand art pieces by renowned artist Romeo MananQuil, the man behind the designs of P1,000 and P20 bills, and the endemic tamaraw in the old Philippine peso coin.

Capitol Building
4.63 km away

Designed by Ralph Harrington Doane, Pangasinan’s Capitol Building is of neo-classical architectural design and is considered as one of the Architectural Treasures of the Philippines by the National Commission for Culture and Arts. The construction of the original building began in 1917, was completed in 1918, and was inaugurated in 1919. It was damaged during World War II and was reconstructed in 1949 under the term of Governor Enrique Braganza. In 2007, during the term of Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr., the building was renovated as the initial part of the governor’s project, “dawning of the golden era” of the province.

Things to do nearby

Motor boat ride to Cabalitian Island
Boat charter
18.91 km away

Motor boat ride to the island for 15-20 minutes good for 5 to 6 persons

Where to stay

Mt Zion Retreat House
Hotels and homes
0.63 km away

Aiming to become one of the first religious centers in Asia, Mt. Zion Pilgrimage Mountain is an expansive area for rest, relaxation, meditation, and retreat. Situated within the hills in Bugallon, Mt. Zion offers the public a place for soul-searching and re-discovery with comfortable accommodations and a peaceful environment for moments of reflection. Statues depicting the Stations of the Cross are scattered throughout the area, along with massive sculptures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ that resembles the famous Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Established and developed in 2002, Mt. Zion is currently expanding its facilities to further provide a place of sanctuary for its visitors and tourists, and also to keep with the upcoming 2000th Year Jubilee of the Catholic Church.

Buddha Resort
Hotels and homes
1.69 km away

When you enter Buddha Resorts and head to the reception area, you are immediately greeted by one of many quotations by Buddha that says, "You yourself as much as the entire universe deserve your love and affection". Buddha Resorts, located along the main highway going to Pangasinan, prides itself as a hospitable, relaxing, and a-break-from-life getaway with its services. Everyone, from management to staff, have a high respect in Buddhism, so expect quality service from the people at Buddha Resorts.

Zamel Garden Resort
Hotels and homes
4.28 km away


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