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Sual, Pangasinan 54
Visiting Sual is incomplete without dropping by its infamous Sual Dried Fish Market. It’s composed of a long line of saltwater fish stalls, selling wide range of sun-dried fish products. Bangus or milk fish is the main aqua-culture product in Sual and is used in making the best-selling dried fish product in Pangasinan. Other sun-dried fish products famously sold here are espada, daing, and tuyo. Dried octopus and dried squid are popular too for their chewy textures and salty flavors. Tourists can purchase these seafood in bulk and get huge discounts. The vendors are friendly and nice, always ready to give assistance and free taste samples of their products. 

Open: Open everyday, 5am - 7pm

Address: Poblacion, Sual, Pangasinan

Fee: Open to the public

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Nearby attractions

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Cabalitian Island
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Visiting Cabalitian Island is a nature trip that combines swimming, hiking, and caving, coupled with an educational tour of Sual’s local industries. During the boat ride to the island, visitors are introduced to the town’s 750 fish cages, each producing an average of 45,000 pieces of milk fish per year, as well as a view of the Philippines’ largest coal power plant, Sual Power Station.Upon arriving on the island, travelers can relax in Emoh-Ruo Beach Resort’s amiable rooms and enjoy water activities such as kayaking. Not to be missed is hiking on its nearby scenic rock formations, where people can go swimming in the cold waters inside natural rock basins. Trekking further up the hills can lead to a number of caves such as the alluring Lumahong Cave.

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Things to do nearby

Motor boat ride to Cabalitian Island
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Motor boat ride to the island for 15-20 minutes good for 5 to 6 persons

Where to stay

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Masamirey Cove is a hidden paradise resort nestled amidst a fishing village in one of Pangasinan’s pristine beaches – the Masamirey white sand beach.

Gulf Inn Resort
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