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Like many churches in Pangasinan, the Parish of St. Bartholomew endured natural calamities, insurrections, and the wear and tear brought by the passing of time. Its concrete foundations were laid in 1882, with a cruciform. On 1894, the day of its inauguration, the church was destroyed by a powerful whirlwind. Reconstruction of another church began, together with a convent, but this turned to rubble too after being burned by the revolutionaries in 1898. Finally, a smaller church was created, which has survived to this day as the St. Bartholomew Parish that we know.
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Address: Rizal Street, San Manuel, Pangasinan
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Nearby attractions

St. Louis Betrand Parish Church
6.68 km away

Built in 1698 by Dominicans, the church has survived earthquakes, insurrections, and calamities throughout the years. However, it was the intensity eight earthquake in 1990 that rendered it useless. Whole walls were reduced to rubble and masses were held outdoors. Through the generous donations of Asingan locals from all over the world, the church was brought back to its glory after three years, making the 10th of October 1993 the feast day of their Patron Saint, St. Louis Beltran.

Narciso Ramos Library
6.86 km away

The small library houses a collection of books that have been donated to the Asingan municipal hall through the years. Paintings and several artworks featuring the Ramos clan can also be found here. Unfortunately, some artworks are in various degrees of wear and tear, but they still offer a fascinating look into the lives of one of the most powerful families of Asingan.

DSWD Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office
6.89 km away

In 2015, the local government of Asingan received one of the most prestigious awards--the Apolinario Mabini Award for Local Government Unit of the Year--for the insitution of the Philippine Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), and for having put up the Sheltered Workshop for people with disabilities (PWDs). The award was given by the Philippine Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled Inc., and was presented by former President Ninoy Aquino in Malacañang Palace. The sheltered workshop provides free livelihood training, such as candle-making, shirt-printing, and dressmaking, to adult PWDs capable of work. These trainings equip them, not only with technical knowledge, but with practical skills such as the ability to speak in public and interact with different kinds of people. The program envisions Asingan to be a society where the poor, the vulnerable, and the disadvantaged individuals have access to tools and resources that will improve their quality of life.

Where to stay

A & E Spring Resort
Hotels and homes
1.19 km away

Unwind and get close to nature at this resort in San Manual, Pangasinan. This place invites you to take a breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still offering you the basic amenities you need. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure, in a new town or a quiet respite from your busy schedule, this relaxing getaway has you covered. 

MJV Countryside Resort Hotel & Restaurant

Resort with Restaurant and Hydrotherapy.

Ohana Royale Inn
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Ohana Royale Inn.

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