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San Roque Dam (29) San Roque Dam (22) San Roque Dam (6)
The San Roque Dam is a 200-meter-tall, 1.2 kilometer long embankment dam on the Agno River. It is the largest dam in the Philippines and the largest hydro installation in Southeast Asia. An appointment has to be made before coming here because the power plant naturally operates on high security. The best time to come is early in the morning, so you can take a scenic drive to the top of the dam and get a bird's eye view of San Manuel as you wait for the sun to rise.
Open: By appointment
Address: San Roque, San Manuel, Pangasinan
Fee: N/A
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Nearby attractions

Saint Bartholomew Catholic Church
9.00 km away

Like many churches in Pangasinan, the Parish of St. Bartholomew endured natural calamities, insurrections, and the wear and tear brought by the passing of time. Its concrete foundations were laid in 1882, with a cruciform. On 1894, the day of its inauguration, the church was destroyed by a powerful whirlwind. Reconstruction of another church began, together with a convent, but this turned to rubble too after being burned by the revolutionaries in 1898. Finally, a smaller church was created, which has survived to this day as the St. Bartholomew Parish that we know.

Krispee-K Special Pasalubong
11.69 km away

Krispee-K Special Pasalubong may sound like a famous donut shop but the name is a combination of the children of the Veniegas couple namely Kristal, Kimpee, Kamille, and Kalvin. They started their pasalubong business 25 years ago by selling individual packs of chips for only one peso around Binalonan. Later they were able to have their own manufacturing place in Brgy. Moreno, Binalonan. Their workers peel, cook, and pack different chips for 24 hours and 7 days to produce tons of chips distributed in Manila and Northern Luzon. Buyers can choose among packs of banana chips, kamote (sweet potato) chips, taro chips, and ube chips.

Mabuhay Chichacorn
11.72 km away

One of favorite crunchy snack in the Philippines is the “chichacorn” or fried corn kernels. Chichacorn is made by boiling the corn kernels and drying them on the sun for 2-3 days before frying in a large pan or “kawa”. Salt and flavoring are then added once the corn kernels are cooked. The flavors include garlic, cheese, spicy, adobo, and barbeque. Laoac’s Mabuhay Chichacorn has been making this crunchy snack since 1993. They are currently distributing their chichacorn to North Luzon, Divisoria, and nearby towns like Manaoag. One kilogram of chichacorn is sold for 100 pesos when bought in Laoac.

Where to stay

A & E Spring Resort
Hotels and homes
8.93 km away

Unwind and get close to nature at this resort in San Manual, Pangasinan. This place invites you to take a breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still offering you the basic amenities you need. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure, in a new town or a quiet respite from your busy schedule, this relaxing getaway has you covered. 

Ohana Royale Inn
Hotels and homes
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Ohana Royale Inn.

Oria Resort
Hotels and homes
13.93 km away

A resort in Sta. Maria Norte, Pangasinan where you can hold you events like birthdays, debuts, weddings and many more. We also have a computer shop for checked-in guests, billiard table, darts, karaoke and live band.

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San Roque, San Manuel, Pangasinan

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