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Made with love and hard work, Marlyn's Puto Special is one of the main suppliers of puto calasiao (sticky steamed rice cake) in Manaoag. Remember the early days of just chilling with your family on a picnic, a gathering or a fiesta that won't be complete without puto on the side. Experience how these are made by heading at Aling Marlyn's Puto plantation. Observe how her family help each other in cooking a thousand pieces of puto every day, that is only from the minimum orders they get on a day to day basis. Because of her exceptional hard work, and being a hands-on entre-Pinay, she had already bought their own house and lot and a tricycle and she plans to expand the place for their plantation.
Open: 11am -5pm
Address: 143 Sapang, Manaoag, Pangasinan
Fee: None
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Nearby attractions

Mang Victor Woodcraft
0.69 km away

Mang Victor Woodcraft is one of the pioneer makers of bakya, a wooden Japanese slipper, in Pangasinan. Started in 1972, Mang Victor who is a worker in a bakya plantation decided to start his own business together with his siblings. Sadly, bakya is now becoming scarcely demanded by their old customers. Fortunately, the government of Laoac is looking for ways to support the production since they consider it a part of Laoac's culture. Aside from making it as a foot wear, they also produce bakya house displays, and even bakya trophies.

Laoac Dairy Farm
1.80 km away

Entering the vicinity of Laoac, you will notice cylindrical silos that was actually a storage of feeds for cows in 5-6 hectare land. The government built a dairy farm under the municipality's name to have enough supply of dairy products for pre-schoolers and elders. They are continuously putting an effort to develop it by planning to turn it into a multi-purpose farm. That includes a pasalubong center, training centers and a pick and pay organic farm. They are also planning to have restaurants inside the farm for the convenience of the tourist that will come here. Currently, they are breeding cows and waiting for another 50 heads from National Dairy authority.

Laoac Organic Wine
1.85 km away

Wine is known to be good for the heart and rich in antioxidants, how much more an organic wine can offer? How much more to our environment? Laoac Organic Wine is owned by a former OFW, and later on chose to be a farm scientist and a lecturer who shares the importance of organic farming and the process of making fruit wine. He uses fruits such as black palm and dragon fruit to make wine. Process starts with collecting the fruits and washing it. After that ingredients are prepared and mixed and later on will be fermented in a secret room. If the fermentation is not successful, the wine turns to vinegar. They can produce 100 containers in a year and sell it at 100 pesos per container. There are also wine and vinegar bottles being sold at their store ranging from 50-150 pesos. Who would say no to an affordable and healthy chill pill?

Where to stay

Ruperto's Restaurant & Resort

Ruperto's Inland Resort is located in Barangay Linmansangan, town of Binalonan, Pangasinan. It's only a four hours drive from Manila. Its proximity to Baguio City makes it an ideal place to stay as you can get a glimpse of the country's summer capital in just a two-hour drive from the resort. Or visit the shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag, only 15 minutes via leisurely drive amidst green countryside scenery and smooth concrete roads. 

Oria Resort
Hotels and homes
7.15 km away

A resort in Sta. Maria Norte, Pangasinan where you can hold you events like birthdays, debuts, weddings and many more. We also have a computer shop for checked-in guests, billiard table, darts, karaoke and live band.

RDT Hotel & Spa
Hotels and homes
7.56 km away

RDT hotel & Spa offers quality hotel and spa services at a reasonable price. 


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143 Sapang, Manaoag, Pangasinan

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