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One of the most organized and well-curated museums in Pangasinan,  Binmaley Museum and Display Center has truly preserved the culture and heritage of the town of Binmaley through centuries. The space offers an educational showcase, with its lovely display of old commodities. The museum houses a number of agricultural wares from the 19th century that truly capture the rich industries in Binmaley. Such objects include “Tapogan” or grindstone used as kitchenware, Taltagan or a big block of wood used for threshing “palay” and “Lasong” or mortar used for  grinding rice, all of which reflect the rice farming industry of Binmaley from the 19th century. Other historical wares include  “Babako”, or a basket made of bamboo strips that fishermen used to carry caught fishes document the fisheries industries of the town from way back.  Beautiful pots and cabinets from yesteryears are also showcased here, which truly display the pottery-making and furniture-making fields in Binmaley that date from way back. It also reflects the fashion scene in the 1930s, as some iconic Filipiniana gowns of Dona Jesusa Tulagan-Ferrer, wife of the late Mayor Don Andres  Ferrer in  1934-1935, are displayed inside. The museum has also documented special occasions of the town, such as its first ever Sigay Festival, which highlighted the abundance of bangus ,tilapia, sugpo, shrimps, malaga and crabs in Binmaley. The museum has also documented the downfalls of Binmaley, such as the 1972 flood, and its celebratory moments, like the Signing of Sisterhood Pact of Makati City and Municipality of Binmaley . In May 1, 2014, the Tourism Group of Binmaley launched “Bloom Binmaley”, where the locals planted cherry blossom trees at the nearby plaza.  The Japanese-inspired cherry blossom garden is expected to bloom at its maximum and most beautiful level by 2018, and Binmaley is poised to attract more tourists with its stunning flowers and unique fauna offerings.  
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Nearby attractions

Our Lady of Purification Parish Church
0.00 km away

Built in 1627 by Spanish friars, Our Lady of the Purification Church in Binmaley is one of the oldest churches in Pangasinan. The rich cultural aesthetics of this religious landmark mirror centuries-worth of timeless heritage of the town, as its first construction was finished in 1754 by Fr. Barrozo. The first ever vicar to be assigned in Our Lady of the Purification was  Father Tomas Gutierrez by the Dominicans, and this assignment marked the first documentation of this church’s history in 1627.  The Dominicans took care of this church until the revolution in 898. From 1898 to 1932, the Diocesan clergy then took care of the church. During this Diocesan period, the first bishop of Lingayen, Msgr. Cesar Ma Guerrero, accepted the “Society of the Divine Word” (SDW) administration for the proposed school and opened the seminary in January  6, 1932. The artistic and rustic architectural facet of the church is truly a beautiful visual gift to anyone who visits to appreciate the art, history and spiritual atmosphere of this parish. The wide, circular opening of the ceiling by the hundreds-old altar can truly take you to a meditative state, while the old sculptures and chandeliers are visual treats. Some of the attractions also of the church are its very old, well-preserved church bells outside, which date way back from the 1880s. The spacious front yard and backyard are also ideal for long walks filled with heritage and spiritual feel.

Sto. Rosario Cave System in Mabini
6.92 km away

Exploring the Sta. Rosario Cave is certainly an adventure. One gets down and dirty right from the start, with the cave entrance being a small hole that requires some cautious crouching to get past. Further into the cave, guano drips and resident bats fly around as the passage narrows and expands every few steps, so one must be ready to climb and crawl through some rather sharp rocks to continue their exploration. Small cuts and scrapes are to be expected. Physically challenging though it may be, the payoff is great: shimmering rock formations, mini-waterfalls, clear pools, and capacious chambers inspire awe and make the demanding trek more than worth it.

Cacupangan Cave System in Mabini
7.44 km away

Named after the Cupang tree that filled the Mabini landscape in the 80s, the Cacupangan Cave System is a four kilometer stretch filled with breathtaking stalactite and stalagmite formations, delicately carved out by nature over centuries. Getting to the cave entrance means having to walk through a rough road with slightly threatening sharp rocks and slippery mud trails, but once inside the cave, the path strangely becomes less scary as the rocks underfoot become smoother and relatively more stable. Of course, those who go through the cave still have to be careful not to disturb the snakes, scorpions, and bats that call it home. They must also be prepared to get wet, as the water level inside the cave passage can sometimes be as deep as waist-level, depending on the season.

Things to do nearby

Motor boat ride to Cabalitian Island
Boat charter
18.32 km away

Motor boat ride to the island for 15-20 minutes good for 5 to 6 persons

Where to stay

Dasoland Family Adventure Park

For families and younger travelers, Dasoland is a must-see. The massive property offers resort-style amenities, with cabanas, a big pool, a mini-golf fairway, and a playground. More than that, the park also offers attractions that range from educational to exciting: a mini-zoo, butterfly garden, a World War II Museum housing fully-restored military vehicles, an Ifugao village featuring several authentic Ifugao houses, and even heritage houses that recreate colonial-era Filipino homes with authentic century-old furniture. Even a day trip here would be an incredible experience for any one of any age, though with so much to see, visitors will probably want to stay for longer.

Emoh Ruo
Hotels and homes
12.82 km away

Three modern Kubos located on Cabalitian Island with a peaceful vibe and a long shining white beach.

Masamirey Cove
Hotels and homes
12.85 km away

Masamirey Cove is a hidden paradise resort nestled amidst a fishing village in one of Pangasinan’s pristine beaches – the Masamirey white sand beach.

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