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Visiting this bagoong (fermented fish sauce) factory is almost like taking a trip to a historical site. Locals from as far as the neighboring town make the effort to visit this small, non-descript shop-cum-factory, which is run by the sprightly Nanay Francia Abella, who learned the craft from her own mother. Their products–which include boneless bagoong, patis (another kind of fish sauce), and padas bagoong (a local favorite, where the sauce is not separated from the fish)–have become a Pangasinan institution.
Open: Open Everyday
Address:  , Infanta, Pangasinan
Fee: None
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Nearby attractions

Nayong River
0.00 km away

With a tourism industry that's just about to go full-throttle, Infanta's attractions may still be underdeveloped, but as far as Nayong River is concerned, this is a good thing. Cruising this bright blue river can be done by request (just call the tourism office), and more often than not visitors will get the stretch of it all to themselves. Nayong River is especially attractive to those with an interest in ecology: its riverbanks give life to 22 true species of mangroves!

Infanta Salt Making Factory
0.00 km away

With a name that means "a place of making salt", Pangasinan has long been home to salt-making since the days of its ancestors. Travelers can take a glimpse of this local industry by visiting a salt factory in the town of Infanta. This salt factory is particularly cinematic, and a treat not only for the eyes but for all the other senses. Rays of light come through the factory's woven-leaf ceiling, casting shadows onto the tubs full of boiling salt water. As the steam rises from the tubs, the nutty aroma of burning rice husks fills the air. If visitors are so inclined, they can try their hand at harvesting the salt. It's not as easy as it looks, so they need to exercise extra caution–though the satisfaction one gets after scraping a pile of salt from the bottom of the tub is well worth the effort.

Balaki Island in Infanta
11.50 km away

Snorkeling, camping, swimming, and general beach frolicking are the main offerings on Balaki Island’s menu of activities. This 7.5-hectare private island is pretty much empty – no commercial establishments, only rows of palm trees and golden-white sand. Balaki’s shoreline and seabed is covered in ticklish seagrass, but before you find this cumbersome, realize that their presence indicates just how healthy the island still is. Plus, it means the marine life there is so rich and snorkeling is ace. At the moment, entrance to the island is free and there is no camping fee, though you will need to coordinate with the Infanta tourism office to get there. All it may cost for a trip to Balaki is gasoline for the boat, and maybe some food to share with the boatmen – quite a good deal for a night or two on untouched tropical paradise!

Where to stay

Dasoland Family Adventure Park

For families and younger travelers, Dasoland is a must-see. The massive property offers resort-style amenities, with cabanas, a big pool, a mini-golf fairway, and a playground. More than that, the park also offers attractions that range from educational to exciting: a mini-zoo, butterfly garden, a World War II Museum housing fully-restored military vehicles, an Ifugao village featuring several authentic Ifugao houses, and even heritage houses that recreate colonial-era Filipino homes with authentic century-old furniture. Even a day trip here would be an incredible experience for any one of any age, though with so much to see, visitors will probably want to stay for longer.

Nelia's Homestay
Hotels and homes
19.79 km away

This typical Filipino house is cozy and clean, with quiet, breezy rooms that let the sunshine stream in in copious amounts, and a fully-equipped kitchen that's free for use.

White Beach Resort
Hotels and homes
19.79 km away

Excellent accomodation for an escape to the beach. Located on Tambobong Beach, the pink colored resort is only a few steps away from Dasol's most popular and beautiful sand beach.

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