Explora Movers is a group of passionate individuals interested in exchanging ideas about Philippine tourism, sustainable tourism, and tourism-based local businesses. Members from different sectors come together to inspire each other through talks and discussions and seek other like-minded people to collaborate with to boost one’s business, organization, or personal advocacy.

This group comprises of but is not limited to Explora’s partners in tours and experiences, hotel and resort owners, local government units, heritage warriors, traveling creatives (writers, photographers, videographers, etc.), and online influencers (travel bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, etc.).

Ultimately, the purpose of the group is to find ways and means to make traveling in the Philippines easier, more accessible, and even more sustainable. We believe that by sharing ideas and collaborating together, we can make bold changes not just for ourselves but for the country as a whole.

Held every last Wednesday of the month, Explora Movers come together initially by invitation for a two-hour informal event. This is organized by Explora Philippines. One to three influencers talk about their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the group, followed by an open sharing. Snacks and drinks are also served.


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