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Where to Stay in Pangasinan Edit

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Colleen Cabili  • Contributor
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Ready to explore Pangasinan but still have nowhere to stay? Check out these resorts and inns!

Capitol Resort (Lingayen, Pangasinan)

Capitol Resort Hotel doesn't skimp on quality facilities and amenities even if you're a traveler on a budget.

Book a room in Capitol Resort Hotel here.


Punta Riviera Resort (Bolinao, Pangasinan)

Nature lovers rejoice! This sprawling resort in Bolinao has everything you need for a truly relaxing getaway.

Book a room in Punta Riviera Resort here.


Refresh Resort (Alcala, Pangasinan)

Take a breather from your fast-paced lifestyle and be refreshed at this aptly-named resort in Alcala.

Book a room in Refresh Resort here.


Maekrisanne Garden Resort (Bautista, Pangasinan)

Whether you're vacationing with friends or with family, you're all guaranteed to have a delightful stay in Maekrisanne Garden Resort.

Book a room in Maekrisanne Garden Resort here.


The Spirit House (Alcala, Pangasinan)

This humble homestay in Alcala is perfect for travelers who want to experience what it's like to be a Pangasinense.

Book a room in The Spirit House here.


Buddha Resort (Bugallon, Pangasinan)

Travelers who seek peace and quiet will feel at home in this resort in Bugallon. Every corner of Buddha Resort is serene and picturesque--you'll soon forget it's located along the main highway.

Book a room in Buddha Resort here.


Cozy Place Resort (Rosales, Pangasinan)

Who knew that water slides and life-sized dinosaur statues make a good combination? Kids and kids-at-heart will surely have fun at Cozy Place Resort in Rosales.

Book a room in Cozy Place Resort here.


Head over here for more Explora-approved accommodations in Pangasinan. Have fun exploring! 

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