Binalonan is one of the progressive municipalities in Pangasinan yet, preserving the old town vibes - instilling their town’s culture with their developments. Binalonan is derived from the word “balon,” a Pangasinan term for packed meal for the reason that many workers gathered to eat their packed lunch where the municipality stands. Notice and be amazed with their spacious plaza, terminals and highways that clearly highlights how they meticulously plan and give space to new developments. 

Binalonan is known to some parts of the world because of the literary works of Carlos Bulosan who used to live in the province before he migrated in US. As a way to honor him, Binalonan celebrates his birthday every year and his literary works are featured in their local museum together with some significant artifacts, events and people of Binalonan. It also houses a continuously innovating airfield which will soon be an airport alongside an aviation school. In the nearest future, they will be launching glamorous tent rooms with a five-star hotel looking interiors that can accommodate tourists, students of WCC Aeronautical and Technological College or passengers that will take flights in their airport. Never miss Binalonan’s all-time favorite breakfast, Binalonan longganisa, that tastes uniquely and terribly good, you’ll come back for more. Get it  fresh and at an affordable price at Binalonan’s public market. Dip it with an organic vinegar made out of sugar cane. Have a tour and observe how your street food satisfier is made at Consolacion’s Sugar Mill. Walking along the streets of Binalonan you will see an abundance of mangoes that are mostly within reach from its trees. Just make sure to ask permission to the tree owner if craving hauntingly creeps in. Indulge your eyes with corn fields that seemed like gold strands of Goldilock’s hair during day time. Don’t touch it until it turned into “Chicacorn,” roasted corn bits that kids and adults like to munch either on a lazy, busy or a TGIF kind of day. Suppliers of Chichacorn and other fried fruit chips can be found here in Binalonan. Taste different flavors of chichacorn and experience roasting them at Mabuhay Chichacorn plantation, you’d really feel alive and awakened with their hot and spicy flavored chichacorn. Head over also at Krispee-K Special Pasalubong to get a glimpse on how banana and kamote chips are made and how their happy family and good vibrations radiate with their products. 

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