Pozorrubio is a first class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, with a population of 69,555 people and a land area of 8,965 hectares. It got its name from the ruby waters of the town's artesian well or pozo. Formerly a settlement and later a barangay of San Jacinto, it became a municipio on January 13, 1870. Pozorrubio is famous for their cottage industries: rattan, buri, bamboo, and metal crafts. Other industries include sand and gravel, concrete hollow blocks, leather craft, gold panning, freshwater fishponds, poultry and cattle raising. Agriculture is also a main source of income, with products such as rice, sugarcane, tobacco, mango, vegetables, legumes, coconut, corn, and cotton. There are many tourist destinations in the town, the most famous is the full view of the Lingayen Gulf atop the Buccat Hill, north of Poblacion. It is a favorite among excursionists and nature lovers because here they can get a picturesque view of the landscape.  In the last two decades, warehousing complexes have emerged in the town, and small businesses like restaurants and bakeries have multiplied. This is also due to the road and bridge constructions all over the barangay, which has generated much progress for the townsfolk.

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