Headed by Honorable Mayor Roberto Arcinue, Sual is one of the first-class municipalities in Pangasinan with very rich aqua-culture and fishing industries.  The temperature in this town is not too cold which makes it easy for people to raise their our own fish in the town’s vast waters. 
Sual takes pride in its 750-deep sea fish cages scattered in its seas. These produce 45,000 pieces of bangus per ‘banyera’ (tub) and make up for 50 million pieces of milk fish yearly. Because of this divine aquaculture richness, Sual contributes to 30% supply of bangus in the whole of Metro Manila. The town’s fish classifiers are tourist attractions themselves, as visitors are amazed watching these men group the fishes with very fast rhythm, adept skills, and admirable ease. As Mayor Arcinue described these men, the fish classifiers group the fishes easily with their fast hands “like a prayer”. It takes 2-3 days to classify these bangus manually.  
Aside from the aquaculture attractions and fishing industry, Sual is famous for being the home of the Philippines’ largest coal power plant called Sual Power Station. This plant supplies to up to 18% worth of electricity in the whole of Metro Manila.  Educational tours to this landmark attraction should be scheduled ahead of time as approval to visit in this site is very strict.   
Aside from these remarkable sites and landmarks, the local government of Sual is planning to step up its tourism starting 2017 by establishing its first ever local department of tourism. Some of the plans include the launching of cable cars for tourists. These cable cars will be installed by connecting them from the town’s stunning mountains to its majestic islands, which will inevitably provide tourists with tours in the town’s historic and scenic caves. Sual is also planning to introduce its pristine white sand beaches in Baybay Norte and Cabalitian Island, as well as its dazzling rock formations. 
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